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Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by Nicholas Ronan, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Hi Gents looking for some advice/help with a planned build...

    I've got an old TM AK47 (plastic body - solid stock version) sat at home that i want to turn into a side folding East German AKm.

    I've seen Dboys sell a side folding metal lower that is perfect for what i want but will it accept the TM Gearbox/hop unit etc? I will also need to re-wire the gearbox battery connection as the battery will no longer be in the stock but sat on top of the gear box (under the top cover)

    Any help/advice would be appreciated

  2. Jeranhound

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    I don't know about on a TM, but my Cyma that's wired to the stock, it's actually the same wiring as to the top but they just plug an extension into it and run that back through the stock. So, converting to top-firing would be as simple as removing that plug and moving the wire reassembly.

    And yes, all AK gearboxes will fit in all AK bodies, except for Real Sword and NPO Airsoft, who do custom stuff. I do think you'll need to buy a new selector, though. Could be wrong on that.