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    I have TM G17 and the fill valve seems to be defective. I did a search and none of the threads have the same problem. I cant get anything more than 1.5 shots out of a fill. Every time i try to fill the mag the gas just expels into the air instead of going in the mag(only enough to get 1.5 shots out no matter how long I hold it to fill it). I have tightened it and used silicone and let it sit and soak overnight but to no resolve. I am trying to find out where to get new fill valves but I cant find them for the TM Glock specific magazine. I have found TM 226 and 1911 mags but I am unsure if they are the same valves.
    If I dont need a new valve, what is the problem then?
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    Before you go out and buy a new one, try disassembling the one you have and give it a good cleaning.

    Once you have the valve out of the magazine, twist the solid brass end that goed in the magazine off. Inside, you will find a spring and a valve pin with an o-ring. Clean them up as best you can with an old, soft toothbrush, re-lube everything with silicone oil, then reassemble.

    If that doesn't work, then you can look for a new valve.

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    TM GBBs don't use a silent fill valve (neither do KSC, WA or Maruzen, for that matter), so you'll get that splash back while you're filling. It's completely normal. You know you're full when that turns from a light mist of gas to a heavy spray of liquid--should take about 5-7 seconds or thereabouts.

    It's entirely possible that your fill angle just isn't right. If you're only used to silent fill valves, it can be a bit tricky getting that angle right on a valve that doesn't have it. Play around a bit, adjust the angle of the gas can and the pressure you apply to get both valves open and aligned. And don't mind the spray back, it's supposed to do that. I much prefer TM/KSC/WA style valves to silent fill valves. You know exactly when your mag is full.

    If your mag is actually leaking (either holding no gas at all, even after you've played with angles and pressure and such or hissing out what gas you did get in there after you pull the can away), you just have to disassemble it, apply some lube and teflon tape judiciously, and you'll be good to go again. But from the sound of it, it's more a matter getting the filling technique right.

    I wonder how many more times I could say fill or full before ending this post...
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    haha @ knief
    I have tried moving the can to different angles. I know its supposed to hiss and "leak" but this wont fill no matter what beyond the initial numb that gives enough gas for 1 shot. Ill try taking it apart and cleaning it and teflon it but on the off chance that doesnt fix the issue... where can I buy their valves?