TM G17 gas consumption

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    Hey all,

    I've been on a little hiatus from this forum for a while, only stopping by for the classifieds. Today, I need your help however.

    Recently, my TM Glock has been getting gas consumption issues. It's not stock at all:
    - PGC metal slide and outer barrel
    - SD 150% recoil spring
    - AS extended mag catch
    - FF 6.03 tightbore
    - KA hop-up bucking

    The magazines are two TM mags with Moondog O-rings and a WE mag.

    What irks me is that while the WE mag works perfectly, the TM mags barely charge up.
    1. There isn't as much of a hiss when charging the TM mags compared to the WE mags
    2. The mag only gets off around 10 shots on a *30 second* charge

    I've had this problem for... I have no idea, actually.
    What I've narrowed it down to is:
    1. The Moondog O-rings are preventing most of the gas from going inside the mag
    2. The TM mags have a curved magazine lip seal, while the WE one does not. Maybe something related to this, but I doubt it.
    3. The WE mag is simply superior :rolleyes:

    I don't think the metal slide is causing a 80% gas efficiency drop affecting *only* the TM mags. :confused:

    Anybody have any idea what to fix? All help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. bobsicle

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    San Jose
    Bump! Anyone with any ideas at all? Even if you don't have a TM G17, I'm pretty sure someone out there has to have experience with a similar type problem :(

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    It's the o-ring. I've tried to fit o-rings into my TM MK23 and my TM P226 mags and failed.
    Only replace o-rings to mags that originally had o-rings to begin with.
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    San Jose
    Thanks, sophomore! That sounded like a possible solution, but how exactly did you remove your o-rings?

    Update: never mind, used a sewing needle to remove them. Will update on performance. Thanks for the tip again!
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