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    Hey all,

    I recently modified my TM Hi Capa to full auto. Before doing it, I couldn't find a ton of solid info and ended up doing a combination of methods.

    Before we begin,
    I do not recommend this modification unless you have spare parts. I am not responsible for failure, injuries, etc. as a result of this modification.

    This modification is not reversible without replacing the modified parts, which is why I do not recommend doing it unless you have spares.

    This will also completely disable your semi auto capabilities without changing the parts out.

    To start off:

    You will need to disassemble your gun in order to access the disconnect and the hammer. There are plenty of guides on this on YouTube.

    Once you have access to the internals, take out the disconnect. You will need to file down the top of the disconnect. This will prevent it from engaging and is necessary for full auto. Make sure it is flush with or below the rail.

    (Sorry for the blurry photo)

    Next, there is a nub on the side of the hammer that catches the disconnect. File this down and make sure it is smooth.

    The top hammer is modified

    The modified parts should look like this

    The inside parts are the modified parts.

    You will also need to short stroke the spring guide so that the hammer doesn't get stuck since it will now be riding with the slide when the trigger is held down. I did this with Lego tires, however there are kits available and there are other ways of doing it. If you do not know how, there are guides out there but it is fairly straightforward. Experiment with it until it works and performs how you would like.

    Put the gun together and give it a try. It will likely be inefficient and may not get through a full gas magazine (I tried it on HPA). You can add material to the valve knocker groove in the blowback unit. Information can be found on this if you look up Hi Capa full auto modifications.

    This modification will put more stress on your gun so be careful, especially with higher pressure gas and air.


    Enjoy! I hope this guide is useful.
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