TM M&P 9, TM HK45, TM 5-7, etc...or cybergun FNX -45?

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    The struggle is real... for me at least. I'm trying to decide between getting a TM hk45 ($115 usd), a TM m&p 9 ($128 usd), a TM 5-7 (haven't found one but I'm sure I will), a KSC hk45 (haven't found one yet), a ZEVTEC glock ($88 usd), or a cybergun fnx-45 ($150). My budget is around ~$250 usd. And since I'm buying this in Hong Kong, all of these are correctly trademarked except for the TM's which have "tokyo marui" written somewhere.
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    Well ANY of the TM pistols should do you well. The FN5-7 is a bit hard to find, but not impossible.
    The KWA/KSC HK45 is now being sold under Cybergun. Though if you're a fan of the gun I'd just get the TM version UNLESS you're looking for the more true-er 1:1 scale with the real steel counterpart and/or more metal on the gun itself.

    The other guns I have limited or no experience with so can't really comment on those. But in regards to the TM guns, flip a coin and you should fair well with either of the 3.

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    Tokyo Marui is considered the best of the best when it comes to GBBP's, so I would say you're probably safe going with one of them.

    Narrow it down to which top 3 gun models you like out of the ones you listed, and then go with the one that's TM :D