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    I was looking to get a Glock style gun, but as you all know the KWA models are discontinued, so I took a look at the TM M17. On Evike, you can't they don't have them, but they have complete slides and frames for them. So my question is, am I able to buy a slide and frame, put it together, and have a working gun?
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    Yes, that's why they sell them like that. Are you sure it's a TM and not a WE, though?

    If you want a better glock than the WE, you can buy a KSC from overseas. Check out for the full line up.

    [edit] I just checked. Those are out of stock and not coming back in. And, for $90 total, you're not getting a TM glock. Evike is lying about what they're selling, which isn't out of the ordinary for them. Check out the KSC glocks on UNCompany.
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    I just wanted to point out, your link is instead of :)
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    Worcester carries TM and KSC in stock. At least your thinking of the correct companies to buy from though. KSC is slightly better than TM but TM mags are cheaper...
    Look there on that site for them.