TM MP7 vs. KWA MP7

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    Dont think there is another thread about this. I did some brief searching and did not find anything. If there is another thread discussing this, mods please delete this thread.

    Ok with that out of the way, I have been wanting to buy an MP7 for a while now and since KWA was the only one who carry the GBB MP7, I was going to buy one of those, drop a low power bolt into it and rock it for CQB. That was my plan until recently when TM released their MP7 and I was torn.

    Pros and Cons I could think of off the top of my head. Feel free to comment if you can think of more.

    TM MP7

    -Its TM!! upgrade-ability super easy when they start releasing parts for it.
    -TM addressed some problems the KWA/KSCs were having and made this one better
    -Mags are fairly cheap. About $43 apiece on Redwolf.
    -Fully licensed.
    -FPS is CQB ready out of the box
    -Price. $330 plus shipping
    -At the moment, can only be ordered overseas
    -Cannot be used in the winter

    KWA MP7

    -Cheaper than TM ($255 with free shipping from ASGI)
    -Ships from ASGI or EVIKE (Cali)
    -Mags are easy to get a hold of and $40 bucks a piece
    -NS2 system allows me to use it in the winter.

    -FPS too high. Need to get a low power bolt.
    -No upgrade-ability

    Feel free to comment about either of these and input more pros and cons if you can think of them. I really want to know you opinion on which I should get. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY POST "GET THE KWA" please state a few reasons why.

    Thank you.
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    Can we assume you are talking of TM's new gbb and not their AEP?

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    Don't forget that the KWA will break faster 99.99% of the time do to the mediocre internals compared to the TM. I am definitely interested in the TM. 330 seems reasonable for the quality you're getting.