TM PX4 with metal slide, Boneyard Mauser, Semi-Boneyard HFC Revolver

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    Just trying to offload some of the stuff that's been sitting around in my closet for a while now, so here we go

    Next, there's my boneyard Cybergun Mauser. I believe that the issue with it is something to do with the spring, as when you pull back the bolt, nothing happens. Assuming you can fix that, the gun is in create condition externally and unlike the Well version of this gun, it has full Mauser trademarks and has a nice looking black stock.
    $25 OBO

    Finally, there's my semi-boneyard HFC Revolver. This gun seems to work fine for the most part. You can't manually lock back the hammer, but the gun fires fine, but about once every 4 rounds, it simply doesn't shoot. I don't know what's why, but either way, it does more or less work and makes an excellent prop for movies or whatever.
    $20 OBO

    I'm very open to trades for anything (seriously, just PM me, the worst I can say is no), shipping can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, all prices are OBO (again, just send me an offer, the worst I can say is no), and I'm located in WI if you want to meet up locally.

    I check here around once every day, but if you want an immediate response, just PM me on Reddit at

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    Bump. All prices are seriously OBO (PM me, I probably won't say no), and I'm very, very open to trades.