Tokyo Marui G17.

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by ZombieKiller_308, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. ZombieKiller_308

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    Im thinking aboyt purchasing a TM G17 pistol. I have NO experiance with TM's pistols what so ever. So any info, details, specs, anything would really be helping me with my decision to buy this. Thanks!
  2. Devgru98

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    It's a TM, I don't know what else to say they are amazing! Get it! There should be some threads on here look around a little in the gas gun section.

  3. Protectionperfection

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    TM and KSC are the two best Glock pistols on the market.
    The TM comes with a plastic slide and outer barrel but has full trades. It is not a 1:1 to the real steel like KCS/KWA are but replacement parts are readily available.
    Most first upgrades include a metal slide and barrel upgrade from a company like guarder.
    You will get amazing accuracy out of the box with the TM and a nice crisp blow back. If you do upgrade to a metal slide and barrel, it is recommended that you run propane with silicon oil instead because the green gas wont always cycle the metal slide when the gas starts to get low
  4. ZombieKiller_308

    ZombieKiller_308 New Member

    I would prefer the KSC because it comes with a metal slide already. But i think im pretty sold Marui's quality, reliability, and part rediness.
  5. Thatguyoverthere1111

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    You can just get a metal slide for the TM anyway... Quality > looks.
  6. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    KSC and TM are about on par in terms of quality. KSC doesn't get as much love as it used to since KWA started making decent pistols, but KSC has always been one of the GBB leaders. Their guns, with few exceptions, are second to none.
  7. ZombieKiller_308

    ZombieKiller_308 New Member

    Ill probably go with KSC over TM because they make a 19. I preder the 19 to the 17.
  8. RCV

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    Having owned both the TM and KSC G17, I can say that I would prefer the KSC. It was just more solid and the parts seemed of better quality.