Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5.1 Gold Match Custom GBB Pistol

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    Winston Salem
    1x Gold Match Custom GBB Pistol (with box ie manual, dejam, bbs, etc)
    4x Tokyo Marui 5.1 Magazines (black)

    I purchased this gun off of Redwolf Airsoft and paid a total price (with shipping) of $353.19.
    Given the lightly used conditions of this gun and the low availability (hard to find, preorders March 2017), I am asking for $300 and I will cover shipping costs. I will take Best offers, but will not entertain low-ball offers.

    Reason for Selling:
    I have used this pistol all of 2 times. When I play on the field, I run as a sniper with my MK23 (very quiet). This pistol is just a bit too loud for my style of play, I like to remain undetected after my shots and this gun, while very accurate and very fun to shoot, is just a bit too loud for my liking. There is nothing is wrong with this gun, all magazines are in working condition with no leaks, and the gun has been well cleaned and maintained. I am very particular about the care I give with all my guns and can guarantee they are in like new functioning condition.

    The New Design HI-CAPA 5.1 Match Custom Model, specially made for high precision IPSC shooting and comes with a lightened slide for faster cycle times.
    The weight of the slide has been reduced with cuts to it, and has Silver (Stainless) Plate finish, front condenser tube, with the front sight having a fibre optic feature for shooting in low light conditions.

    Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5.1 Gold Match Custom GBB Pistol
    Superior performance with HFC 134a Gas and Crispy Blow Back with HFC 22 Gas
    Gas Blow back Cycling is ultra smooth

    ABS Made Slide (Engraved "OPS-M.R.P CAL.45" Marking On Slide)
    ABS Outer Barrel (Gold)
    Metal Spring Guide Plug (Gold)
    Metal Spring & Spring Guide (Silver)
    ABS Trigger (Gold)
    Safety (Gold)
    Metal Hammer (Gold)
    Grip Screw (Gold)
    Full Metal Lower Frame Body with RIS rail for tactical laser & flashlight attachment
    Nylon Fiber Non-Slip Texture Grip
    Glow Front Sight (Ambient Light collecting acrylic rods, red) & Adjustable Rear Sight
    31 + 1 Rounds Full Metal Gas Magazine

    Field Strip mechanism is the same as the real steel
    As always, Adjustable HOP UP system is equipped (New Gen Hop Up Set)
    Excellent Collection Piece to all Airsoft Fans

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    Winston Salem
    Bump bump bump bump. TM

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    Dope pistol. CW is a friend and I know he takes super care of his stuff.
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    Winston Salem
    Bump bump bump bump bump
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    Really interested but my local field has one right now for 200