Tokyo Marui PS90 High Cycle + Accessories

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    Make: Tokyo Marui
    Gun/Model: PS90 High Cycle
    Accessories: (Details below) Tracer/FCU, Red Dot, Sling Adapter, Rail Torch, 3 Mags, Hard case with custom foam
    Condition: Very Good
    FPS: About 280

    Make: XCortech X3300W

    Make: Vortex Sparc II
    Note: The Vortex stuff comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don't need to worry about it being shot or dropped.

    Make: P90 Sling Mount

    Make: Some cheap rail torch that I don't know the model of, it has a tail switch and is quite bright

    Make: P90 High-Cap x3
    Link: http://www.************.net/tm-p90-300rd-hi-cap.html

    Make: HSF Shotgun Case
    Notes: Has a slight issue with the alignment which means you have to pull the top forward slightly when closing it, not a big deal. Also has custom foam so everything sits snugly


    I skirmished with this gun quite a bit for a few months, but got a VSR-10 which I'm having too much fun with so don't use the P90 anymore.

    Somewhere around £550 for the lot seems reasonable to me, or you can offer for individual bits if you like. I'll throw in some tracer rounds and LiPos for free.

    Can ship to anywhere in the UK, or we can meet in a pub if you're down south.
    (could also potentially ship to the US, but you'd have to pay shipping and I can't guarantee that it wont be seized by customs)