Tokyo Marui PSG-1: Needs Help Finding a New Home

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  1. porkchop18

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    Hi, so as the title suggests I have a Tokyo Marui PSG-1 that is at home collecting dust. Love the gun, but can not justify keeping it without use, especially with other things that could be taken care of with money gained from its sale. It has never been fielded and is completely stock except for some memory foam that I put in the handguard to stop the creaking of the plastic (had some laying around after filling my vsr stock with it and fiquered it couldn't hurt). Included would be the gun, original box, and extra mags(as well as a tappet plate new in pakage I believe if I can locate it).

    I would like to get $400 OBO for everything, but that price is very negotiable and I would love to hear trade offers

    For trades, I like vsr-10 parts, fusion engines (including SMP and V12), and dmr-like builds, but honestly if you want to trade just let me know what you have cause I'm pretty open to almost anything.

    Thanks for looking and I'll try to get pictures up as soon as I can get my camera working.
  2. Noah_6

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    This TM PSG1 sounds cool. I can trade you a whole VSR-10 with some cash on top if you're interested. I'm also working on a custom M-16 DMR that I can trade as well.

  3. Mikanator

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    Fort Worth
    Pictures with proof of ownership?
  4. porkchop18

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    My stupid card reader for my camera's SD card won't work. Still trying and I think I should be able to purchase a new one and hopefully get the pictures up by this weekend. Sorry for the wait.
  5. Rushin

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    Long shot, but I have an Echo 1 M14 with a custom paint job wired to deans, as well as a KJW P226. Would you be interested in either or both? I can add cash on topX
  6. SuperViper

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    Vancouver, WA
    Ive got a V12'd M4, Krytac SDP kit and "Honey Badger" stock, Magpul motor grip with the new valken grip connect installed. LMK if you are interested.

    Photo attached, but this was before the grip connect was installed.

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    The deal has been done. Please close