Tokyo Marui Super Sale! $30 and up, TM Recoil Shocks, M870, Sniper, Pistols and more.

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    San Jose
    Rules: Shipping is not included in price but I will pay half.
    Full album here (100+ pictures)
    Prices are firm, I don't mind keeping any of these.
    Function videos available upon request for serious buyers.
    All sales final, no returns.
    I travel between Santa Rosa and San Jose California occasionally. F2F sales or trades can be arranged, but requests may be subject to a mutually agreed upon non-refundable deposit.
    Very limited trades will be considered. If it’s not specifically listed below, please do not ask. Absolutely no AEG’s or spring rifles.
    TM M&P
    Black WOC PMAG
    G&P WOC upgraded bolt carrier and nozzle sets
    Angry Gun WA WOC recoil kit
    Forged receiver GBBR kits- RA Tech AAC300, Prime etc.
    Tippmann M4, Daytona Guns (No AK’s)
    Maybe… HPA engines $250 trade value max.


    Bought my first TM airsoft gun about 17 years ago and haven’t been able to stop since. If you’re reading this, you already know about the accuracy, reliability and sheer quality of TM guns.

    No Longer For Sale Like New TM Recoil Shock CQBR No Longer For Sale

    This gun was purchased by Munishen from Echigoya around October of 2015. He changed out the rail to a painted DD Mk18 replica, switched the pistol grip to an A1 style, installed KAC style sights and replaced the stock with a trademarked LCT clone. It was unfired by him due to a lack of TM-specific battery. I bought it, wired in a Deans connector and have shot approximately 200 rounds through it for testing.
    See pictures for slight blemishes to barrel nut and rail area.
    $400 for a virtually new recoil shock with MK18 external upgrades. Will not sell if upgraded AUG sells. <-- AUG Sold, no longer for Sale

    SOLD TM Recoil Shock AK74 MN SOLD

    Bone stock AK74 recoil shock with 13 next-generation mags! 5 hi-caps and 8 mid-caps.
    $350 for gun and all 13 mags. Pending sale

    SOLD TM M870 Tactical SOLD
    Superb gun, comes with 3 total gas containers. Includes 1 genuine white TM shell. I’ve only ever used it with duster gas. One gas mag shows signs of swelling, probably from the previous owner using green gas in it. Easily fixed with the bolt mod. Other two mags are leak free, only guaranteed with duster gas unless reinforced with the bolt mod.
    SOLD $200 for the gun and all gas mags. SOLD

    TM AK Beta Spetznaz
    Well used, bone stock, never been opened. Still shoots nice and smooth, perfect for CQB. Pistol grip has a tacky feeling from the soft-grip rubber coating wearing off.

    SOLD TM P90 red dot edition SOLD

    Very rare red dot edition. Like-new in box. Stock, only been fired a couple of times. Red dot sight works. $175

    SOLD Upgraded VSR-10 Gspec SOLD
    Laylax 430mm 6.03 steel barrel, unknown brand upgraded cylinder, spring and piston set. “Speed” brand hardened aluminum sear set, Nineball purple bucking, PDI steel mag release button, adjustable 3-9x scope. TDC (Top down center) hop-up mod with custom thumbwheels hot-glued into place for easy adjustment. Easy to either epoxy in place or replace with more discreet set screw. It would sometimes slam-fire about 1 in 10 times, but hasn’t done it recently. Safety is removed. Chronos at about 510 FPS with .20 bb’s.

    SOLD Boneyard TM SR-16 SOLD

    Traded for this, supposedly bone-stock trademarked SR-16. The previous owner took out the motor and could not put it back in. Gearbox seems to be locked up, may be motor height issue. Pistol grip screws stripped out. Mainly for parts and externals, includes EG1000 motor.
    SOLD $40 SOLD

    SOLD Boneyard TM Aug SOLD
    Stock gearbox, cycles fine. Broken barrel/hop up unit. Rear half of the gun seems fine.
    SOLD $30 SOLD

    SOLD Upgraded TM Aug SOLD
    Upgraded with all the best parts of yesteryear. Systema Magnum motor, SCS nub, unknown upgraded internals. Great ROF and power, chronos at 390-415 FPS depending on hop-up setting. Will not sell if CQBR recoil shock sells. Originally black, green paint job is wearing off in some places.
    $200 Pending sale

    SOLD TM P226 Gas Blowback Pistols SOLD

    The first (silver slide, black frame) is an Uncompany custom P226 with Creation aluminum slide and outer barrel. The Creation slide is one of the nicest and well made options out there. Very low round count, great performance. The two white dots fell out of the rear sight, easy to paint in with white out.
    The other P226 has a Guarder metal frame and slide installed. It was originally black, and the previous owner sanded it down to be two-tone. Guarder metal body kit is broken in and slides super smoothly. Sights show heavy signs of wear.
    $200 each with one genuine TM mag. Once one sells, the other is off the market. Additional KJW mags can be negotiated. Guarder P226 SOLD

    Continued below...
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    San Jose
    Continued from above..

    TM M203 tri-shot with stand-alone attachment
    This is a micro TM tri-shot that uses the same shells and gets almost as much range as my SPAS 12. Includes cool stand-alone launcher attachment that I assume can be used with other M203’s.

    SOLD Semi-boneyard TM Hi-Capa SOLD

    I got ripped off by a member here selling a “good condition Hi-capa with PDI inner barrel” and got sent this POS. Does NOT include an upgraded inner barrel, the screw securing the BBU unit behind the hammer is loose, the slide catch notch is rounded out, it’s missing the front sight and the mag is a WE brand 3.9 mag with the baseplate removed to fit in the gun. I shot less than a mag through this thing and threw it in the corner in disgust. The good thing is that it has an upgraded Tanio Koba grip and that it does shoot. With a worthy mag and some love it has definite potential.
    SOLD $40- I hate this thing, take it out of my sight. Heck, I’ll throw it in for free with any of the guns over $200 here. SOLD

    Random non TM master-race guns

    KC02 with real Ruger 10/22 stock and 8 mags.
    Awesome long range weapon, comes with 7 green gas and 1 HPA tapped mag. Comes with 90% finished modified real-steel wooden stock. Wood stock needs to be tapped for the rear screw, and it could use a coat of stain for the front. Includes extra outer barrel, inner barrel and hop up assembly.
    $290 for everything


    Bought this off of someone who only used it for “bang” kills, looks brand new. Was going to use it for parts for my TM USP AEP, but I ended up picking up another one of those. Comes with standard mag and 1 high-cap mag.
    EDIT Battery is shot from sitting. I'd recommend a lipo-battery mod, which is practically required for decent performance anyway Will still be $45 but I'll pay shipping EDIT. These are somewhat rare now and in high demand with the cold weather, $45 for a basically new pistol. SOLD

    SOLD SRC TT-33 Tokarev Pistol SOLD
    A very nice feeling realistic full-metal pistol in an gorgeous Soviet-style case. Comes with 3 total mags, although one has a broken feed lip.
    $70. Will include for only $30 with any other gun over $200. Possibly pending sale

    SOLD Tanaka Model 29 “Dirty Harry” 44 Magnum model gun SOLD

    This is a PFC model cap gun made by Tanaka. I bought it second-hand and have never fired it with caps. The shells are nicely weighted like real rounds and the action is very nice. Previous owner did a so-so paint job on the tip.
    SOLD $150. Sells for $399 new on SOLD
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  3. NeoAugAU-3G

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    Las Vegas
    I am interested in the broken aug for 30. Sending pm shortly
  4. yahtzee5

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    Los Angeles
    PM'd! Check inbox please!
  5. Bostitch

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    PM'd on SR16! (202020)
  6. 808matt

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    San Jose
    Multiple items sold, great buyers so far. Boneyard Hi-capa is gone, but I'll throw in the SRC Tokarev package for only $30 extra for the next gun over $200 that sells.
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    Interested in railed 226
  8. 808matt

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    San Jose
    Both P226's have rails actually. I'm assuming you mean the one with the full metal Guarder kit though. You can PM me.
  9. Noyou

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    possibly interested in recoil ak
  10. Semi

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    Is that KC-02 still avaliable?
  11. 808matt

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    San Jose
    KC-02 is still available, but there will be no room for negotiation and the scope will not be included. I got ripped off/scammed by a buyer of the VSR so I no longer have that and am not in a really in a selling mood for my other long range replica.
    Thank you to every other buyer here that helped me to sell everything else within a week.
  12. Semi

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    Sorry to hear that. I sent you a PM.
  13. RadStorm

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    That's a shame to hear. I absolutely love the guns I purchased off you. You are actually one of the best sellers I've encountered in a while.