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    Mt Sterling
    Hello, totally new to airsoft but really liking it so far. I actually fell into it by mistake when i purchased a cheap gun for a costume. I am 43 and really look forward to start playing and getting into some battles. I am in the process of getting my brother and son-in-law involved too.

    I recently bought some airsoft guns off of craigslist;
    Well L96 sniper with scope
    Aftermath M14 aeg
    Aftermath AK aeg
    Firepower Co2 pistol
    Tippman Co2 pistol
    Well MB02.
    Along with a bunch of bbs, batteries, and other various accesories for only $225.

    All of the guns worked great with the exception of the MB02. The bolt wont stay back. I have read that it could be the sears, but being new I really have no clue and was hoping the experts here would be able to point me in the right direction.

    One of the mags for the pistol is broken and I want to replace it but have not been able to find it online anywhere. I was told they are interchangeable. If anyone has a link I would greatly appreciate.

    Thanks for having me
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    Welcome to the sport and please read all of the rules and use teh search function before you post. No issues with your spelling or grammar yet so Kudos for you on that haha.

    As I replied in your other thread about the mag, I cant seem to find anywhere that sells them extra. If they are interchangeable, im not sure what other model they can be interchanged with.

    Your best bet is to drop anything that says crossman or tippman on it and get better quality weapons, for pistols a TM or KWA/KSC. WE is a hit or miss with quality, some last forever while some last a month. KJW are nice but the mags are the problem there.

    As for the bbs you picked up, make sure you use only .20 and above and that you dont use crossman or the bbs you can get at walmart or dicks or target in anything. They work well in grenades but they will damage your guns.

    If it were me I would recommend selling what you have currently and buying 1 decent rifle to start with, or if you have the extra money, just buy one. either a JG M4 S-system or a G&G Combat Machine are your best choices. Both can be upgraded in the future but both will outperform your current choices.

    Again welcome and try to learn as much as you can but remember to use the search bar first before because 90% of your questions will have already been asked and answered multiple times.

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    Welcome to the forums, there's plenty of vets who can help you... not me as much unfortunately, I tend to specialize in gas guns more