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    Any of you out there know of some good training exercises to get used to your gear, some firing positions, tactics, and team skills (for Those of you who run with a team.) please comment with your training routines maybe even a youtube video or two!

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    Really the easiest way to get used to your gear is simply wearing it and playing. I hate to admit it, but when I get a new vest/rig/gear, I put it on and walk around my house. I'll do my daily thing inside my house - sit on my computer, watch tv, do a light workout. I do this when I first get gear and the day/night before a game.
    A light work out consists of jumping jacks, sit ups, spiderman push ups, light weights, burpees, squats, and other simple things. I do this mostly fully geared minus the rifle.

    The other things you touched base on depends on your playing environment; field, cqb, heavy woods, hills, etc.

    For conditioning... I've said it a million times, get out and start jogging. You don't need jog 10 miles, just one hour a week (20minutes per day) and a light to moderate job. Nothing too crazy. Results in 2 weeks - mark my words.

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    I agree with the above as far as conditioning, but as far as the other parts to your question, I know that when I run with my team we must know how to use hand and arm commands, firing positions, angles of fire, advancement tactics such as leap and bound, cover and fire movements, disengagement maneuvers, as well as flanking and when to use these methods. I use other advanced methods also with my team but that's privy to my experience from being in the military.

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