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    I'm just getting my team back on its feet again and I wanted to make a training course and just a training course. What are some things I could do/make. And also what are some good training methods.
    I just became the lead of my team, and I wanted to Change a couple things.
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    You could set up plywood buildings and practice clearing. Or practice moving through trails as a unit. Things like that. It will depend on the type of field you play at.
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    Set up a "kill house" for the CQB(C)/ room clearing. Set up targets in different corners and places in the rooms and in windows and doorways.

    And set up in a field somewhere, or as wide and open a space as you can find, field training. Set targets up at different distances And positions and concealment areas.
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    The biggest problem most players have is simply hitting a target in one or two shots. Set up a range where you can move at least 150 feet away from the target and have everybody practice shooting. Start at relatively close range, make sure everybody has zeroed their sights and scopes and can hit small targets. Move yourselves back a few paces and do it again. Keep practicing. Practice raising your rifle and shooting quickly. Practice moving from one target to another. Practice turning around and acquiring targets. Practice hitting each target multiple times in succession. Practice walking forwards, backwards, and to each side while shooting. Practice reloads. Do it all at different distances. Practice practice practice.

    If you want to give your guys incentive, have a small shooting competition at the end of the day where you have to use a bunch of those skills and buy the winner a pizza or whatever.
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    Kneifs idea sounds pretty solid. Other than that, the best idea i know is to go head to head against another team, or play solo and limmit the game to so many rounds.
    Alot of players have that mentality that "who cares if it takes 100 rds as long as i hit them"
    So, by restricting them to 30 or whatever they will be forced to take there time, and play as if there life really depends on it.
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    Training has a few aspects that I have found with my team.

    Movement as a team seems like an easy thing to do but youll see when you practice it and it looks good, youll get into a firefight and it will all fall to hell. Depending on how many guys you have on your team and the areas you play you can train in a few movement techniques

    Everyone thinks their guns shoot lasers. I always hear people yelling "CALL IT!" or "I know I got you!" when they actually werent even on target. Have everyone zero in their guns at 25ft and then move back 10ft at a time and have them hit 3 size targets 3 times in a row to move back again. 6", 18" and 12" targets to show head, chest and stomach sizes. They all need to learn how their gun shoots at different ranges to learn to compensate.
    Shooting while moving is another big one. If you shoot the same targets while even just walking, youll see you miss for the most part at even 25ft.

    Reloading/transitioning is a big one as well. Your reload time should be down under 3 seconds if you just drop your mag and if you put your mags in the dump pouch under 5 seconds. Get these times down as far as you can to get back into the fight quicker. Alot of people can hear teh sound of a dry fire and thats when tehy make their move because most people take 8-10 seconds to reload their rifle.
    Switching to a secondary is another option instead of reloading or if you have a failure. You should be able to transition in under 3 seconds as well.

    Communication is key. Have everyone be on comms and know how to you use them correctly. You dont have a conversation on comms. You use key words and get off as fast as you can while still giving as much info as possible.

    Thats a start in the right direction. If you can work on all of those youll be better than most teams out there right now.
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    Don't forget physical conditioning.
    Most people hate it but during a long airsoft game being in shape can make all the difference. When people get tired they get lazy and all those tactics go out the window, people become less aware of their surroundings, and people become super slow.
    Not to mention when you are breathing like a mad man after running 50 yards trying to shoot a target. Your aim isn't going to be too good.
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    Totally agree. Can't fight with an empty gun! I love when people think they're going to get the up on me cuz I'm reloading, and then I surprise them by being already loaded, lol.

    Lol, this is my NORMAL (I usually do something similar to the spetsnaz reload) AK47 reload.


    Practice makes perfect :)
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    Training course?
    im 22 year old from brimingham, i'm looking for a training providor in the I.T. pref a nvq does anyone site i can look at
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    If you are willig to read material and apply it to training, consider the USJTF resources. Very solid, very thorough.
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    For point fire training, I'd recommend the combat focus app for the iPhone, I downloaded it and I must say, I've gotten a lot better at point and shoot tactics, just make sure you set up some targets =] I used trees...
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    Try this. [ame][/ame]
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    At a minimum, get some exercise. I find that being fit makes a big difference.