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    hey guys, i need some help with ideas about training with my team of 6 people. Or do we even need to train? we are all getting our gear prepared and hope to make it to a field when we feel ready, but how do we get ready for it? I could use some expert advice here. thanks!
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    Training is definitely good. If not training, at least practicing or playing often.

    The first question is to what skill level do you want to take your team? Do you guys want to be MilSim type players or simple backyard players, or something specific in between. Also what roles do your members take?

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    A very vague way to train would be to set up different situations and execute the scenario with your team. This can help identify who fills what roles. If you are a new team you should all try to play each role at least once. Once you do this you can easily assign roles based on who is the best or like the role. Also team leaders should change during these training ops to achieve the same goal as every other role.

    Dry Practice/ Walk-throughs
    These are drills are something you should do with your team when you first start training. What they are is a more casual drill. (I will be using breaching as an example) What you do is your team all meets at someones place or a field if the field lets you. Then you use a building, house, glass house* to practice breaching. People don't need to be in gear for the walk through, which should be the first few times you practice something. The word "Dry" is used meaning no ammo. your rifles should even have the mags in them when you are doing a dry practice. The point of doing this is so everyone on your team knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

    Full Training Drills
    These consist of full gear and use of live rounds. You can use small milsims set up in your back yard to practice different tasks, make a kill house, or just practice moving through an area stealthily. Make sure you train with the gear you will be carrying on the field. If you don't get use to the movement or lack there of with the gear your team won't opperate as smoothly as it does in shorts and a t-shirt. Also make sure to use your weapon in which you will be playing with. It doesn't make sense to do drills with a cheap spring gun and the use a full metal AEG on the field.
    Things to practice as a team
    1. Communication
    This can be call signs, radio communication and hand signals. Hand signals are very useful for moving silently through an area. Also telling your team you are reloading is something your team should make sure they do at all times.

    2. Movement
    These are the use of different formations when moving on the field

    3. Contact
    This ties into movement, but is how your team will react to enemy contact. There are different types of contact such as passive or indirect and active or direct. Passive is when you see them but they are unaware of you (no exchange of fire) and active is direct contact or fire from the enemy.

    4. Breaching
    This also can be a part of movement. Breaching you need to go over everyones role and how to stack. You also need to develop communication for before,during, and after a breach as well.

    5. Geography
    This is being able to work in a variety of different terrain types. (If your team plans on traveling)

    6. Shooting
    Your team needs to become accurate and quick. Quick applies to reloading, drawing a weapon to shoot and switching between weapons. Also proper shooting positions and transitions between positions.
    I am writing this off the top of my head really quickly and im sure I missed some stuff but others will fill in the holes I'm sure.

    *a glass house is when you map out a building with rope on the ground and use to practice breaching.
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    Look at the stickies they help a bunch.
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    Thanks everyone, this really helped. thanks to you my team and i will be training this weekend with some of the ideas that you have given.
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    And start out everything slow remember "slow is smooth, smooth is fast"
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    One does not simply "train" for hostile engagement....Because no battle plan survives the first encounter with the enemy.
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    Practice is good training, might want to work on team coordination and teamwork. If you can work together well as a team you will do well!!!
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    This is true but if they get use to operating under fire or while engaged it will enhance their teams survival rate and combat IQ. So in turn it will help them gain an edge over their attackers by being able to deploy as a unit instead of individuals.
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    is this for indoor or outdoor?

    i'm going to assume it's outdoors.
    usually a team of 8 will be more affective. you will have an offensive group and a defensive group. one to go after objectives, the other to protect objectives. learn to use good communications. if a defensive group is not needed for the game, then use a flanking group. practice taking out heavily supported bunkers with suicide wave runs (in all 4 directions).

    for indoors, learn to use progressive meat shielding and shadowing.