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Trigger locking up

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I have sig sauer mcx Aeg, the trigger locks up in semi only, I have to put it in full auto and then go back to semi, someone told me this is common issue with Aeg and I should put different motor, which I did switch out motor, seemed to fix and then problem came back, I have only target shoot with the gun but I really want it to operate correctly, can anyone help lead me into rt direction, it has an inline mosfet could this have something to do with it causing trigger to lock up
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It's more of a weak battery issue and then lobe profile on the cut-off lever.

What battery are you using? Details please.
Matrix...the junk brand. Nothing they sell is high quality or "consistent".

A new Matrix pack is at minimum perfomance levels when new. If you don't maintain them with proper storage they will fall below that minimum and cause issues like you are describing.

If they are even semi puffy...the cells are already degraded and are under performing.
For airsoft none of the "distribution" packs are Good...definitely not Titan.

Gens Ace/Tatu
Nano-Tech (dated but better than most Airsoft brands)

We tested some here:

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