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Trigger Response

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alright so my mk18 has a gate titan and shs gears/piston assembly. my trigger response is imo really good BUT I've seen guys talks about ss'ing they're gear teeth and piston teeth. what's the benefit? is it enough of a benefit to do it to my gun or would I be destroying quality gears?
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That a bit excessive...and short sighted in most applications that I can think of...
They do that in conjunction with a (very) heavy spring to mimic a DSG without doing the work of getting a propper DSG running.

Which makes little sense because the mechanical strain on components is considerably more on an extreme short stroke setup than it is on a DSG...
Which is on par with users of CO2 based Airsoft.

Let's make things work harder unnecessarily, screw durability and performance!
You can thank Cybergun for propagating the superiority of CO2 in Airsoft. This is the same company that paid 20 million for a basic bad online FPS (War Inc) by 19 million and made and patented a dual axis hop-up unit.
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