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    Been looking at sights for my ka m4 and came across this in ebay. Just wondering if anyone has used one before. Im very hesitent to buy it as it is ebay. I just like the fact it does have all three sights (acog, reflex, and iron). And it does have some zoom in the acog. Any info on this or a trusted similar product for close to the same price would be great.
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    Just check the seller's ratings, personally i feel like $150 for a scope is crazy, but its your money. It looks nice, but I have never used this one before. Perhaps look around a little more on sites like evike, asgi, redwolf, etc. and check youtube for reviews.

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    I agree with Mike. $150 on a scope could be going towards something much more useful. In the end, it's your decision. But a scope doesn't do a lot for you if you think about it.
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    I agree that is a lot. I just wasnt sure if $30 sights just the junk ones. Ill check them out at those retailers as well.
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    Sweet if I do choose that one. Thats where I will definitely buy from. Thank you very much
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    I won't link until one of the mods clears it but there's a guy at one of the other major airsoft forums that runs what's pretty much a store at this point, he only sells stuff he personally tests and checks out and apparently has really good customer service.
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    The guy who I've been in contact with (same person that Shawoex3 is talking about) imports Chinese replicas and sells them out of New York (which means faster shipping) and he has some really decent prices. He has great customer service, 100% positive feedback, and welcomes all questions. A few links to the stuff he sells are here: (none of which link to any other forum) (password is: tti)

    His email is on the google spreadsheet in case you are asking for something that isn't listed on either of those two sites.