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    A friend of mine resently told me about an airsoft field he goes to and I thought i would buy a gun and try it out. After looking at different guns I have found two that im interested in. Im just looking for some advice on which ones you guys think is the best choice.

    The 1st gun is the jg mk36c. Its on sale right at airsoftgi for $95 and it looks like a good deal. I read that the internals are decent and so are the externals. I also like the fact that you get a battery and charger with it but I plan on buying another battery and possibly a smart charger.

    The second gun is the ics s&w m4. I found it on evike for $145 and it also looks like a good choice. I like that it has a split gearbox design which would help getting the gearbox easier. Theres also a holy cow deal right now in which you get some spare gearbox parts which would be helpful incase something breaks. (I dont know if the spare parts are good quality or not) The only bad part I see is that it doesnt come with a battery and charger, also it's about $40 more than the g36 after the discounts and shipping.
    spare parts:
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    Those are both very solid choices. I have had personal experience with a JG G36 and a ICS replica.

    The JG was an excellent choice for a beginner gun, simply because of the excellent quality for the cheap price.

    The ICS I owned was a excellent buy. It was high quality both with the internals and the externals.

    I would say if you are on a budget go with the JG, but if you have a little extra go with the ICS. Just my $.02

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    I wouldn't take into account that one or the other comes with a battery and charger, when i ordered my gun from airsoft gi they sent me a crap battery and charger. A smart charger is really just a necessity and intellect makes good batteries for the price. If you go with airsoft gi use the coupon code happy2013 to get 15% off and free ship if your order total is over $100. From what ive heard the jg mk36 is a solid gun for the price.
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    JG is a great choice and common choice for beginners such as myself. My first AEG was a JG M4 S-system and I'm proud of my purchase. But I would get a better battery and charger. Stock ones will last but poor quality.
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    You also have to ask yourself... Do you ever plan on making any future upgrades to your gearbox?

    If yes, then get the JG... the internals are compatible with almost every v2 gearbox part out there... My third gun was a JG M4 CQB and even though I don't care for JG (mostly because of how cheap they are) I do have to admit it held up very well through the abuse I put it through...

    If no, but you do plan on tearing it part to clean and service yourself, then get the ICS... Its probably the easiest gearbox to work on because of it being split you don't have to juggle the gears and springs all at once... I've had my ICS M4A1 now for 3 years and have not had to replace anything inside the gearbox (aside from grease) and its still shooting a consistent 375 fps (out of the box it was 390)...

    Best of luck on your decision...