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    I’m trying to get that spring and rod out but I’m not sure how. Looked it up on YT but in every vid I’ve seen, the rod is short. So it’s easy to just pull out. This one is long so I can’t just pull it out. Is there a certain way I’m supposed to do it or am I just dumb?
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    Pull the guide rod plug (resting in the front of the frame) out down the guide rod, that should give you enough clearance to remove the whole thing. If yours has the barrel bushing up front you need to push the guide rod plug down and rotate the bushing around.

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    Thanks man I appreciate it.
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    If it's a full length guide rod, it should be a two piece screw together deal.

    I can see it, about 6 coils in front of the hole in the rod. That's where the two sections screw together.

    Push the guide rod end out the front of the slide past the bushing, unscrew it from the back part of the rod, and remove it like aotsukisho said. Put it back together in the reverse order.
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