TTW/WTT: Classic Army M249 MK46 (Heavily Upgraded)

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    Trade Value: $840

    Before you fly off the handle about the price, let me just say that the price is approx. trade value. I'm not 100% sure on if I'm getting rid of this yet but just for kicks I'm throwing it out there.

    Classic Army M249 Para Body
    G&P Retractable Stock
    G&P Ranger Grip
    Unknown Brand Lower Rail
    FDE PEQ15 w/ 1200-1300mah 7.4v Lipo (Deans)
    G&P (?) M145 Elcan 4x45 Optic
    MAG Brand 2500rd Box Mag

    Lonex LMG Cylinder Head (Uninstalled)
    Lonex POM LMG Air Nozzle
    ZCI High Torque Short Motor
    Lonex Steel G3 / M16A2 / AK Cylinder
    SHS 14.5-tooth Full Metal Rack Piston
    SHS Gen 4 13.65:1 Ultra High Speed Gears
    Super Shooter POM Piston Head
    Shapeways 3D Printed Hop-Up Wheel (Uninstalled)
    Deans wiring

    Also includes a spare lower handguard and a second lower receiver. *Missing two body pins. Working on finding replacements.

    I'm an open book when it comes to trades, but Daytona Guns are something I may consider above the rest.

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  2. artful_trader

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    Is your mk46 still available?

  3. Atlas_78

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    Nope, sorry. Long gone.