Two man teams.

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    I and one other person have been airsofting for quite some time now and we recently have both become more intensly focused on airsofting. We have not found anybody else to join our team so we decided to keep it a two man team. What type of loadout would be the most effective? Should we both just have standard m4's and be infantry?
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    If you go to larger events at larger fields with organized and managed scenarios with strong leadership on your side, I might recommend sniper / spotter and that you can develop recon skills.

    However, almost all airsoft games are nothing like this - in which case I recommend you both use ubiquitous weapons - m16 / STANAG magazines. Run GMRS radios (talkabouts, basically), and get a tan based and a green based uniform (woodland and multicam, or both MARPATs, etc.).

    Why? Because most of the time, you two will be effective by firing on the enemy, getting closer, both 'flanking' a single target. Getting close. Doing something at the objective - if there is one.

    Both of you will develop a faster-paced decision-making ability, and streamlined communication because you work together. This will naturally put you in a leadership role. Use your improved skills to lead others. Over time, your success will attract the other players you want for your team.

    In other words, don't 'build' a two-man team. Build a full team, starting with you two.