U.S Embassy Attack

Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by Sandman76, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Sandman76

    Sandman76 New Member

    When countries don't control their Muslim "extremists", this happens. The USA needs to put a stop to this, especially when innocent American citizens are murdered. This happened on 9/11...the day that thousands of Americans were massacred 10 years ago, it's no coincidence...
    These people that did this were not inspired by hurt feelings, they use excuses to cover up their real reasons... To kill anyone that is an infidel and who won't convert the Islam.

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  2. IHOP

    IHOP New Member

    Yes. Because you can simply control extremists of any sort.

  3. Shady

    Shady Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    No. Just no. When you can examine and discuss this without pointing fingers at a particular race or religion, then maybe I'll leave it open.

  4. Knief

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    Normally, I would just let a thread like this die the death it deserves, but because of the sentiment expressed by the OP, I think there's an important point to make to him and others who think like him:



    The rest:


    This isn't and has never been a war of Islam vs. Christianity or any other religion. This has been a war of the twisted and angry on the [mostly] sane and good hearted, regardless of creed. Every group has bad apples, and you do yourself and humanity a disservice by judging an entire group based on those rare few.
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