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I decided to go about this in this fashion before it got out of hand.If any mods are reading this please please delete all my other gun posts in other sub-forums.Ive been at all this for 20+ yrs.I have been fortunate to have been in a position to have never had to sell any of my guns.In that time I have acquired some interesting pieces.Most of my collection are German guns,and HK guns in particular.I got into focusing on them from the first CA G3 I bought yrs ago.I used to play alot more than I do now.Life, and my work schedule had been pretty tough on play time.I still enjoy collecting,and seriously enjoy building one off custom guns.All the builds you will see in this thread were totally built by myself.So without further adieux I think its time to start.First up is my Tanaka M870.When I got this one it was infairly poor shape.The barrel was wobbly from repeated hard racking(a problem with Tanakas)and the rifles overall condition was poor.I disassembled the rifle,and corrected the design flaw which makes the barrel connection to the receiver so weak.I trashed the etock bolt in favor of a PPS metal bolt and steel bolt carriage.The Tanaka M870 is quite literally nearly 100% RS compatible,so the next parts installed were Remington M870 action arms and loading arms.Remington M870 trigger group parts were installed aswell.The having been straightened out mechanically,it was time to work on the outside of it.ICS adjustable AR stock supported by a Mesa Tactical pistol grip adapter.Streamlight forward grip was also added.Combat Hunting MLOK handguard was installed with side saddle for Airsoft Surgeon shells.Irons are unknown,and muzzle brake is unknown
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I’m not familiar with Tanaka’s 870. How does it shoot? gas in the shell, gas in a reservoir, or spring?
Are your running an elcan as a magnifier? I love those sights. Which I could find a cheap clone
It’s nice to have friends who will let you use their mills. I used my buddy’s Bridgeport to modify my reciever to a mil spec buffer tube threading. And when I say, ‘I used’, what I mean is I held the flashlight:ROFLMAO::D while he did it…
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I like the Masada stock on there…nice work…
I have the same barrel extender on one of my KMP9s. I took a peice of mountain bike innertube, and stretched it over the barrel extender. Makes for a nice protective sleave, covers the markings on it, and even shows the dimples too!
Nice looking rifle.
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The rifle came with it.Im not such a fan of suppressors on carbines or rifles,but this one is so short it works.Cool teick witj the inner tube.If its ok with you I just might have to borrow that for the future.This rifle here I am in no hurry to finish.It,like the Golgo13 have there own coolness factor thing going on being old.
I sometime use some of that awful Silicone lube spray to soften up the inner tube to make it a little easier to stretch across the suppressor. the other thing sleeping the supressor gives you a place to attach ‘camo’ to without making up the finish.
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I’m interested in the shells it uses too! Cool score!
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