Ultimate World War

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    Hey guys I have an idea for an airsoft tournament can be done anywhere (im thinking warzone). It might be called something like Ultimate World War. But anyway you sign up (you can be anywhere from 10 to 100 years old) and you get put on a team that represents a continent. You will need probally the entire Rhode Island, Mass, Conneticut airsoft community for this one. Any way you get put on continents 6 (not counting Antartica) and then the major countries on that continent have a small tournment, and this happens on all the continents. So for example South America would be split up into 3 teams; Brazil,Argentina,and Columbia (just for example) and Brazil would have a game with Argentina and then Columbia would face the winner and the winner would face the loser of the first war unless the winner of the first war won the second one. (you get what im saying) so then the winning countries of those small tournaments take controll of their continent and that team moves on to face the winners of all the other continents. So if North America wins the game with Europe then they would have controll of them say then they take over asia then North America has Europe and Asia under their controll but then say South America beats North America they have to beat them 2 times and north america only has to beat them once. But say South America does beat them twice then South America has controll of North America,Asia, and Europe. So whoever trys to beat them has to beat them three times. And the winner of it all basically controlls the entire world. And lets say its five bucks to sign up. All that money will go towards the winning prize. Maybe patches that say something like King of the Continents or something. And maybe they will also get their names and pictures up on a wall at whatever place we hold the tournament (if the field allows it) The only thing is we would need that field to sponser the tournament so people dont have to pay 25 bucks every game. So what do you guys think?
    P.S. If you like the idea check out and like the facebook page (it currently is called Ultimate World War).
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    This would be feasible if we had a lot more airsofters and if everyone cooperated

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    Mabey instead of having it in the New England area, how 'bout we do it for regions. And the different states in that region compete...then the regions face off....etc.
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    We have talked about competitions before, an they never seem feasible. To me, this seems like a giant game of Risk (the board game).

    So far, the only competitive airsoft league to work is the ACA, and even then, they are still getting off the ground.

    Like I said above: competition is not really feasible. Look around for the threads on competitions around here. They are here.