Umarex Elite Force G36C, S&T Tavor 21

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    Looking to sell a couple guns I’m not using. I’m just getting back into the sport, and bought a couple guns to try out some different styles. Apparently, I’m still an AK guy, so I don’t think I will end up doing anything with these. I want to sell them to build guns I will use.

    Has no issues whatsoever. The gun has HK trademarks, full metal gearbox etc. Gun shoots great. Internally, I recently replaced the battery connector and fixed the selector switch. Externally, the gun is in excellent shape. No pins or screws missing, no cracks. Gun will come with one hi cap magazine.




    Also in great working shape. It has IWI trademarks, as well as a metal gearbox and functioning bolt catch to adjust hop up. It is the green color. Internally, the only “issue” it has is occasionally the selector likes to get stuck on safety. A little extra pressure and it will switch normally and works perfectly. Something may be misaligned, but I do not have experience working on a tavor to know for sure. It hasn’t affected my ability to use the gun at all, but is worth mentioning. Externally, this gun is also flawless. No parts missing or broken, it looks pretty much brand new. This one will include 2 metal hi cap mags (not the nasty one in the picture!) Red dot pictured is not included.


    Looking to get $100 for each gun, that price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Only trades would be for:

    -Marui Extended Glock Mags or parts for Marui G18C
    -Boneyard AK AEG’s with complete METAL BODIES ONLY
    -Scar H AEG (I would do both guns and cash on my end for the right deal)

    Due to past issues, I DO NOT ship first for trades, period. I am willing to take ANY precautions that will help ease a potential buyer, though. I am an adult airsofter and have no interest in scamming anyone. If you buy the items you will receive a tracking number within 24 hours of payment (Sunday excluded)

    Thanks for looking, and please reach out to me with any further questions!
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    Both of these are sold, this can be removed