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    So I saw somebody mention that this gun was getting a little popular for newer airsofters. Personally, I own this gun, and so do three of my friends that I play airsoft with. That's why I decided I should do a small guide, considering there isn't that much information out there about this gun. The summary is at the bottom of this post in case you just want that.
    Note: I got mine refurbished, so there might be slight variations. For the most part, though, it should all be stock.

    Gun specifications
    Length: 725mm-795mm, Adjustable
    Muzzle Velocity: 340 FPS with 0.12g BBs
    Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Battery, Charger
    Battery: 7.2v 650mAh Small Type recommended (mine is using a 8.4v 650mAh)
    Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
    Gearbox: Polymer gearbox
    Manufacturer: Umarex (made by Double Eagle)
    Licensing: Yes, H&K

    Gun description (outside)
    The HK416 is about $90 new for the gun with an adjustable stock, 7.2v 650mAh battery, high capacity magazine, and wall charger. Considering its lower FPS thanks to some of its plastic and weaker internals, it falls into the "medium powered electric guns" category, or MPEG. The whole body is black polymer, and it's made as two halves of a shell. On the right side it has a mock forward assist, as well as a dust cover that can be opened to reveal the hop up. It also has the magazine release.

    Picture of right side of gun

    The main thing that's unique about the left side is the selector switch. The HK416 has safe, semi-auto, and full auto modes.
    Picture of left side of gun

    This HK416 has a top rail, two side rails, and a bottom rail. That leaves lots of room to attach whatever you want. Up until now, everything I've been describing has been plastic. Luckily, the gun has pretty nice iron sights. The rear sight can fold down (like in the picture) and is mounted to the rail. You can turn the knob to adjust it side to side. You can also rotate the inner piece to change the hole size. The part that mounts the sight to the rail is plastic, but the piece holding the sight itself is metal. The front sight also folds down, and it's completely metal. It can be removed with a screw on the right side.

    The HK416's stock is adjustable, as you may have noticed, and it has several positions it can lock to. The back comes off so you can put a nunchuk style battery inside. On the stock is a place to mount a strap. On the front of the gun there's a metal mount point on either side for the strap.
    Stock with back taken off

    Gun description (internals)
    The worst thing about this gun in my opinion is the gearbox. It's a version 2 gearbox, though it has a motor cage which is uncommon. It's not quite standard, and since it's mostly polymer there is barely any room for improvement. It can, however, run on a relatively weak battery. The gearbox shell is polymer, as well as the gears. I'm calculated a gear ratio of 48:1, but since that number seems too high I may have messed up with counting the teeth or with the math. I'll leave a table of ratios at the end of this paragraph. The motor works well, at least with the stock parts. Most of the other stuff is what you'd expect to find in any gearbox. (Thank goodness the spring isn't plastic!) Since the HK416 does 340 FPS the spring is probably a m100 or close to that. The outer and inner barrels are both metal. The hop up unit is plastic, and seems okay.

    Gear ratios:
    Pinion:Bevel = 12:48
    Bevel:Sector = 10:40
    Sector:Spur = 12:36


    Polymer gearbox

    Outer barrel

    Hop up and inner barrel

    Where to buy
    You can buy this gun from Evike, Amazon (if it's in stock), or ManstoreHQ. You can probably buy this from the Umarex store too.
    $70 refurbished- https://manstorehq.com/collections/airsoft-aegs/products/refurbished-hk-416-airsoft-aeg-includes-magazine-battery-charger-and-bbs
    Out of stock new- https://www.amazon.com/Heckler-2279042-Black-Electric-Power/dp/B00BLQZZDY/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
    $95 new- https://www.evike.com/products/39971/


    Even though many parts of this gun are cheap, I think overall it's decent quality for the price. I use this gun for in the woods to fight my friends, and it's served me well so far. The gearbox is polymer, so even though it performs very well at the level it's designed for, said level is too low for many people, and there's barely anything you can do to upgrade it without replacing the gearbox entirely. The hop up isn't amazing from what I can tell, but it works okay. The body is pretty strong overall, and has a good amount of features. I don't recommend this gun if you are going to go hard on it, play constantly, or plan on modifying it. If you buy this gun, however, it should serve you well enough until you decide to spend money to afford a better AEG.

    Edit: Guges corrected me, it's not a LPEG it's a MPEG. Also, the P is for power, not price.

    Edit 2: Replaced "The gearbox looks a bit like a version 3, but the motor mount does not come off, and the shape is a little different." to be more accurate. Thanks peeque.

    Edit 3: Added a little bit more info from Dead_Christmas, check out his post if you have a chance.
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    LPEG actually stands for Low Powered Electric guns.

    At one time, people called LPEG - Lots of Plastic Electric Guns.

    Thus "Low Priced" is not the correct term for this Acronym. For there are AEG's that are "cheap" and have lots of Plastic, "Sportline Models".

    MPEG is Medium Powered Electric Guns...which is what your falls into. For it is 220-260fps with .20 out of the box.

    LPEG's are Sub 200fps with .20

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    How to take apart the HK416 described above
    If you're planning to do this, please read through all of the steps before starting! I don't suggest disassembling it unless you need to fix something or know you're going to mod it.

    Step 1: Prepare your gun
    Just remove the front and rear sights, anything attached to the rails, your battery (I hope you didn't leave it in your gun though...), and a magazine if that's in it. This will make your gun easier to work on.

    Step 2: Remove the rails
    This step is pretty straight forward, just remove the four screws on both top rails and the bottom rail. The rails' screws go into metal on the top of the gun, so you shouldn't have to worry about the screws stripping in the gun or the rails pulling out.

    Step 3: Remove the stock
    This step kind of has two parts. First you want to remove the sliding part of the stock by pulling down on the whole level there and sliding it off the back. Careful of the wires. Next, you'll want to remove the hex head bolt. I circled it in red in the picture down below. Again, watch out for those wires. The bolt needs a really long 3.5mm or 1/8 inch allen wrench. Good luck! This might be the hardest part, surprisingly.

    Step 4: Take out the rest of the screws.
    There's just a few screws to take out now. I circled them in red. Make sure you don't strip them, because then you'll have a pretty bad time. They are only threaded into the plastic.

    Step 5: (optional) Remove the flash hider.
    I did not do this, but you need to if you're going to take the top of the body all of the way off. The flash hider is glued on. I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but I hear you can use heat. I just opened the body partway like this.

    Step 6: Take everything out.
    Without losing anything, take it out of your gun to complete the disassembly process. You will find the metal pieces that bolts thread into, the inner barrel and hop up, and the gearbox. There's a couple pieces you don't have to remove, such as the outer barrel, but you can if you want.

    Complimentary Cat:
    (she joined me while I was doing this)

    I hope this was helpful to someone, I know I enjoyed making it! Please leave any suggestions for improvement that you might have.
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    okay, thanks. ill change it quick
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    That's definitely a V.2 gearbox even though it has a motor cage. The only other V.2 with a cage I've seen is in the StG 44.

    It looks like you could probably modify that 416 to use a regular V.2 setup. I did something similar to a Well AK12.

    My main concern is with the grip. As long as the angle isn't too far off it looks like you could just cut out the integrated grip. Then swap the gearbox to a normal V.2 and have the grip screw onto that as you would.
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    K thanks, I'll upgrade the thread and maybe my gun!
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    Thank you for giving attention and care for a "useless" gun. It's refreshing, and reminds me of my youth when models like these got a lot more attention and love than they do today, and probably ever will again.

    This family is manufactured by Double Eagle, whom I suspect is a different branch or subsidiary of Jing-Gong (JG) that caters to the lower-end of the airsoft market.

    Model number is M804, followed by A1, A2, or B1, or B2. A1 indicates an adjustable buttstock, and the B1 is the fixed-stock model.

    "2" indicates that it is packaged with accessories: Double Eagle's GS11 Red dot, which uses a CR2025 battery or lithium equivalent. Their flashlight (uses 3 AAA batteries), laser sight, which, if the bracket is made of metal, and is adjustable, is the LA-30. (Uses two AG13 batteries.) It's got a hardware set and spare hardware, screwdriver, and I believe, batteries. All screws and nuts are made of steel, while the tightening-knobs, weaver-mounting bits for the GS11, and bodies of the GS11 and flashlight are ABS plastic.

    I believe that all variants come with a 7.2v "650 mAh", Ni-Mh, "nunchuck"/"butterfly"-type, small-tamiya connector battery. cleaning rod, and a manual, and about 100 sample BBs.

    Maybe I'm nit-picking here, but I would personally appreciate if anybody doing a product guide would list an item's build-materials by ID'ing what kind of "polymer" it is. ABS, nylon-reinforced fiber, etc.

    Thank you for the writeup.
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    Yeah, no problem. It was fun!

    Oh it definitely is Double Eagle. (I don't know how you knew that, seems hard to find) Looks like the high end $450 HK416 (also under Umarex) is from Elite Force. I'll add this

    Yes, everything I've seen came with this. Except for mine, since I bought it refurbished the battery was 8.4v instead of 7.2v, and they gave me a little extra stuff.

    I'll look into this, thanks for the suggestions.
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