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Unintended Firing

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Hey all,
I am installing a very simple 3034 mosfet in an ar47 I recently purchased and am having an interesting issue. The 'fet works fine, but with everything put together, when I switch from semi auto to full auto it starts cycling. It only cycles about a quarter of the way, but it is anoying and sometimes that causes it to fire. I have looked inside the gearbox but don't see anything obviously wrong. I suspect the cutoff lever is bumping the trigger trolley enough to complete the circuit, but I can't tell for sure. It also occasionally fires full auto in semi auto mode.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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And why are we adding this FET to the system right now?
Umm...not rated for LIPO batteries is a Misnomer.

Any AEG can run "any" battery as long as the voltage is within spec of the AEG's operating design. This can be batteries made of any chemistry. NICD, NIMH, NIZN, LIPO LIPO4FE, LION, PB...lemons....8 volts is 8 volts regardless of the battery chemistry.
LiPo's tend to produce more amperage than NiMH's, and this increased amperage coupled with the jump from 9.6v to 11.1v can cause the trigger contacts to arc, which is not ideal.
This is not how electricity works. Electric items works on Draw...not Push, which you are implying in your statement.

The arcing is due more to Voltage and not Amperage.

Your phone charger is hooked up to a 110A line that is connected to a megawatt electric grid...yet it doesn't explode in a fireball when you plug it in.

Here is my battery simulator video. This device could drop 100A into the line...but the AEG is only "Drawing" what it needs to run, regardless of voltage.

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Sorry Aotsukisho, I over simplified my battery statement

Ben when you overdraw a NIMH you get voltage sag. I think that is what you are implying. Which, leads to less voltage that in turn leads to less arcing.
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