Unjamming rod, a problem?

Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by wingking, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. wingking

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    Does anyone's gun come with a decent unjamming rod. I got a JG G36c but there is one problem... the un-jamming rod doesn't fit my barrel. It's too big so now if a bb gets stuck, I have to buy a new one. My friend bought a JG mp5 and it broke in his barrel and had to ship it in to get fixed. My friends Echo 1 gun's unjamming rod doesn't fit either. Is this just a coincidence and is just happening to me and my friends or are alot of people having the same problem? Or is it these S.O.B. chinese brand's fault? idk
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  2. yjmudder90

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    i have the jg m4a1 and have the unjamming rod that came with it. its a silver flexible rod with an unjamming end and a cleaning end. it fits my barrel perfect. call the company you got the gun from and see if you cant get another

  3. sellersjason13

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    I agree call the company back and ask for your cleaning rod my friend....
  4. Frontline

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    I thought that was standard in all guns. Looks like you got hacked, my friend.
  5. SRG SK9

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    Maybe it's just that the flash hider is constricting the barrel, but that would defeat the purpose of putting in a TBB if that's what the flash hider does. Both me and him got screwed, when I get my G36c, I will have to check and see if it works.
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    Are you sure you're using the pointy end? All my gun's unjamming rods work fine.