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Operation Anaconda
July 25th
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala FL
$35 online pre-registration / $45 onsite registration

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Uniforms and Units
Olive Drab - US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade
Tiger Stripe - Detachment A-244, 1st Special Forces Group
Woodland - ARVN 1st Airborne Task Force
Black - Viet Cong Guerillas
Khaki - 24th Regiment, Peoples Army of Vietnam (PAVN)

Standard MGP rules are in effect. Players Pack to be released soon.
Period load outs strongly encouraged but not required. Period AEGs are encouraged but not required. Please no lasers, tac-lights or optics on weapons other than sniper rifle scopes to help add to the period feel. More details at MindGame Productions

Save the date:
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