Upgrade Advice For CM035A

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    Hey guys, new round here but I'll get straight to business. Basically I just recently got into airsoft but did a fair bit of research on the AEG's and the full on drivetrains. I ended up opting for the clone aks as the externals are pretty nice and I was planning on modding the internals anyways.

    So far, here is what I have done so far...

    Top Reciever:
    *Madbull Ultimate metal hop up unit
    *KWA 2GX bucking
    *Modify hybrid 300mm TB

    I then hardwired a King Kong Burst Wizard MOSFET as the features seemed pretty cool.

    *Standard re-shim & regrease of the steel stock gears as well as rectifying angle of engagement
    *Modify air nozzle with O-ring
    *Modify stainless steel cylinder head
    *Modify M100 Spring
    *Modify spring guide with rotating shaft & bearings
    *A-Z Systema motor
    *9.6 1600mah NiMH battery

    Also mounted an eotech 551 replica from element.

    At the moment I am consistently hitting 360fps +/- 5 (My site-to-be limit exactly)
    The mosfet and motor are new upgrades so I haven't checked out my ROF as my mate borrowed my chrono over the weekend.

    So yeah, my first woodland game is coming up soon so was wondering if anyone would have any tips on anything else I could have overlooked that could improve performance?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. S1kkguy

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    No AK guys around?? I got my first CQB game on saturday then woodlands on the sunday and I wana blend in with the elite! :cool:
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    I upgraded mine, but for DMR. There's a matrix motor. (I think matrix2000) but not sure. It gets me about 28-29 RPS. Checked with a chrono.