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  1. RetroGunner

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    I want to turn my g&g cm16 raider from a cqb gun to a perfect field gun. Any part suggestions? p.s this is my first m4 and ive never upgraded internals.

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  2. Rocky

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    start with taking it apart and learning the gearbox put it back together.And then focus on shimming and other diy mods,After you do that then get some new parts.

  3. M4Ever

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    Oh baby. You have come to the right people. We'll help you out. Here's a list of the most necessary change's you should make to your gun:


    New bucking or R-hop, spacers, etc. Search for hopup suggestion on this forum and you'll find threads for it.

    Air Seal

    Getting a good Air Seal is crucial for a good gun. Whether it's Teflon tape mods, or upgrading piston heads, air nozzles, cylinder heads, etc. Maintaining a proper air seal is key.

    Then you can move on to things like barrels, batteries, other internal upgrades of gears, pistons, etc.

    So, it depends on the money you have, the time you have, and the goal in mind. List those please.

    Yes! To the above ^^^^^. Regaining is necessary, sorry for forgetting it.
  4. RetroGunner

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    i was also thinking air seal, but not hop-up. thanks for the help though! to be honest im a bit afraid to open up my gearbox haha but ill try my best and be careful. how much do you think it would be to upgrade the air sealing?
  5. Archer627

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    1) there is no need to replace the bucking. It's a G&G green. They're pretty good buckings. Flat hop it and improve is sealing using Tackett's hop up find tuning guide. Shim that hop up arm!
    2) Air seal on this one will be improved by disabling the blowback if it has one. Grab a new cylinder if you want to do this. A type 1 is optimum for an m4 with a 14.5" barrel.
    3) Replace the nozzle.
    4) Spring guide needs replacing if its not metal.
    5) Anaerobic gasket maker on the cylinder head to seal with the cylinder
    6) Stock gears are fine for the time being. Their stock shimming is acceptable, so make sure you don't lose any shims.
    7) Stabilize the inner barrel with Teflon tape. It's aluminum and will greatly affect your accuracy if it bounces around.
    8) The wires need replacing.
    9) Wire to deans.
    10) the stock piston and piston head need replacing. If you don't replace the piston head, be sure to put in a new o ring.
    11) Correct AOE for sure as soon as you get into the gun.
    12) Replace those brass bushings before they oval out and cause a gear failure.

    Before this all, however, you should learn the basics of the gearbox such as part names. You should learn how they function by reading many of the write ups on here and on airsoft mechanics. You should watch and read as many disassembly guides as possible. Don't forget about the assembly ones either. Listen to videos of perfectly functioning and tuned guns to hear what the gun should sound like. It's important. Read as many of the stickies as you can. Read through build threads. Reads through problem threads so you can learn to fix those problems if they occur to your gun. You can never be too prepared.

    It depends a lot on your budget. A new nozzle is around $6. New o rings are cheap. Anaerobic gasket maker is $12, but can be used in all guns you own. Teflon tape isn't much.

    This a million times over.