Upgraded Custom Robinson Arms XCR AEG

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    So I'm looking to sell my Custom Upgraded Robinson Arms XCR. Before I begin the breakdown of what was done to this rifle, I want you to know that I am an experienced player/ army veteran who takes extreme care of all of my airsoft guns and equipment. This XCR was upgraded for durability, accuracy and field legal FPS in mind.

    So here it goes...


    The only thing stock is the gearbox shell and anti reversal latch.
    The piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head, air nozzle, spring (M120), spring guide, tapped plate are all SHS brand parts. I modified the angle of engagement (AOE) to enhance the pistons durability. The piston head has a sorbothane pad added to dampen the impact when the cylinder head hits the piston head. This adds added durability and makes the XCR slightly quieter when shooting. The gears are lonex standard ratio, properly shimmed and the bushings are steel SHS brand. The motor is a SHS brand balanced motor. The fps is about 365 with .20's


    The wiring has been completely redone with 16 gauge wiring and the plugs have been replaced with deans connectors. I installed a Gate SSR mosfet. Please note that I had to modify the the charging handle to accommodate the size of the mosfet. It still works, I just had to remove some material that you cannot see externally. Battery space is limited so I will be including a 7.4v 2000mah lipo battery with the rifle. the battery goes in the PEQ box perfectly.

    Hop Up/ Inner Barrel

    I tried out the Tru-Hop brand hop up. If you never heard of this brand before, I would say that this hop up is just as good as R-hop without all the work. The hop up chamber is stock.
    The inner barrel is a Promethus 6.03mm M4 length barrel.


    I replaced the original stock with the XCR FAST stock. The trigger guard was replaced with a strike industries polymer trigger guard with finger rest. The charging handle was replaced by a custom 3D printed hook style charging handle that my brother created for me ( I didn't like the standard knob charging handle that it originally came with. The body has be camo painted using a sponge camo technique (I got a lot of compliments for this paint job). The M4 length barrel is hidden with a quick change suppressor. I added mag pull flip up sights to the rifle as well. Please note that the vertical fore-grip will not come with the rifle and the red dot sight is optional.

    Their might be some slight cosmetic wear on the externals of the rifle but it gives it some"battle wear".

    I'm looking for 300 for the gun, 1 high cap (tan) and battery. With red dot its 325.
    The only trade I would even consider is an 805 Bren and nothing else!

    Please PM me for any other questions.
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