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    i was looking into upgrading my echo1 Red star Rpk. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=33313 .
    I am getting a auto wind mag but not sure what else,as i have a lot of money saved up. I want to have it shooting faster (as it shoots slow). also some more range. I know i would need a new motor and barrel but i'm not sure what ones to get. Thank you in advance for any help.Sorry for bad grammar or spelling.
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    What exactly are your goals? 400 fps/30 rps or maybe 500fps/50rps? Both is possible, but the last one will require some serious parts and a serious airsmith. You could slap in a Lonex A2, some 16:1 ratio gears, an M120 spring, a stronger piston, mosfet and get a high discharge 11.1v li-po, not the crap they sell at airsoft stores. You'll be doing 400fps at right over 30rps with pornographic trigger response, and your battery will last a million rounds with that motor, it's extremely efficient with tons and tons of torque. You should of course reshim the gears, correct AOE, glue the bushnings, NO BALL BEARINGS BUSHINGS!, and optimize the compression and so on.

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