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    Ok so i oredered my magpul masada and when it came in inwas a little disappointed in the spring only shootin 330 fps not the fps it says on the box and all the reviews so i ordered a core Sp 130 spring and i lonex titan A2 short high torque motor any other suggestion??
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    I have a suggestion, proper grammar. Anyway, that's an awesome motor and a fine spring. Is it the a&k masada or the magpul masada?

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    Why did you choose such a strong spring? If I'm not mistaken that spring will yield 450ish fps with optimal compression, well above the limit at most fields. It will also put more stress on the internals, you risk stripping gears and the piston if you don't tune the gearbox properly. Excellent choice of motor though, it will pull springs that can instacrack your gearbox shell.
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    Just letting you know, your factory gearbox will not handle that spring or motor. The PTS Masada GB's are not reinforced and cant even handle a factory setup with an 11.1 20c battery. You should have bought the A&K and upgraded it if you wanted to get higher performance out of it.
    PTS Masada was built to be a Field/CQB gun the FPS is around 335-345 so it can comply with most field limits. With that being said, i ran mine with .25g and was reaching out right next to my VFC SCAR hitting 367 with .25. The PTS Masada just needs a 6.03 Prometheus barrel, new bucking and upgraded hopup and youll be se tto play in any environment.
    Your goign to blow up your gearbox by upgrading it just a heads up...
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    There's a guy over on ASM that is CNCing a TM comparable box for PTS ACR's. Only problem is despite everyones requests, he's making them 9mm's.