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Upgrading 416 Need help

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Hi there, I've been running with my 416 deadstock for about a year now. I want to upgrade the internals but I'm not sure whats best on the market right now. Forgive me if later in this post I may sound dumb, I don't really know what I'm talking about.

So, I'll start of sharing the parts that I've chosen and hopefully I can get some feedback or other recommendations. Also, all of what I'm linking is outside the gearbox. I have literally no idea where to start with that. If anyone has any suggestions for a good "drop in" one I'd be appreciative. Another thing, I'm not interested in HPA, The cost to build it and keep it running is just too high for me at the moment. That being said, The budget for the parts doesn't have to be low. Feel free to recommend anything at most price points. so long as its not crazy it wont be a problem. Anything upward of $800 is out of my, Not that the upgrades would cost near that much at all! Anyway, here is what I've chosen so far.

Hopup: ProWin M4/M16 Series

Motor: Lonex TITAN Supreme Edition Torque & Speed / Long

Bucking: Maple Leaf AST Rubber Bucking - 75°

Hopup Spacer: Angel Custom CNC Metal "H-Hop"

Barrel: Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore (363mm)

Mosfet: Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 - Small Tamiya

So that is my list. Is there anything I should change? Did I miss anything? I want it shooting very accurately at both long and short distances. I also want good trigger response. I also want it to last. I don't want to put anything in it that could end up breaking easy or is prone to something going wrong. I'm not bothered with the rate of fire, I much prefer distance and accuracy. Any recommendations from people who know about this stuff would be great! And if you guys could tell me if its worth upgrading my gearbox I would greatly appreciate it! I'm also skeptical about the mosfet, I believe this one is plug and play? Does it make a big difference from ones that are hardwired? Thank you for your time reading this, and thank you in advance to anyone who ends up helping!

-Thanks, Nick
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My man Brill beats just about any site. I also don't think anyone mentioned an actual MOSFET verses the burst wizard thing you have listed. Along with deans plugs. If your gonna rewire and spend the money might as well get a decent mosfet. You can get a hulkfet on Brill for around $20. Wire included.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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