Upgrading AEG - High ROF Parts

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Lmizzi92, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Lmizzi92

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    I am currently trying to redo my gearbox to increase the ROF and trigger response. Currently I have this list of parts that I am going to buy...
    -SHS 15 teeth light weight piston
    -SHS CNC aluminum silent cylinder head
    -SHS 8mm ball bearing bushings
    -SHS gear set 13:1
    -tienly gt45000 motor
    I've done my reading through the forums and this is what I've come up with. I've also read that switching the wiring over to deans and getting a mosfet unit is a good idea to, but is it necessary? Any input, advice on which products to add or change out is much appreciated.
  2. ma_airsoft

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    Yes, a mosfet is necessary for your build. You'll be using a lipo and will burn your trigger contacts out without a fet. I hear that deans have better electrical conductivity but I know nothing about them.

  3. Zaryk

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    I would suggest solid bushings over bearings, much less chance of failure and much less maintenance.

    You will want to look into correcting your aoe with a sorbo, and filing off 1½ teeth off the piston.

    Teflon tape can fix up your stock cylinder head to seal as well as an aftermarket head.

    Better wires and deans plugs will be an upgrade over your stock stuff, lowering your resistance making your electrical system more efficient.

    A mosfet isnt mandatory, but if your running a high voltage battery it will make your trigger contacts last longer and reduce the need to clean them as much.

    There are guides explaining all of this here on the forums, i suggest reading them, they are very helpful.

    Have you done much gearbox work? This kind of build can be a pain if your not experienced working on a gearbox.
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  4. Lmizzi92

    Lmizzi92 New Member

    I have done piston and spring changes in the past, not much with gears but I understand how to work with them. I know someone who does this kinda work for a fee would you recommend just taking it to him?
  5. Tortoise

    Tortoise Active Member

    I would go ahead and do it yourself, tech work is fun plus you get to pick up some experience. If you can't get it right for whatever reason then you might want to consult someone.
  6. Zaryk

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    Im with tortoise on this, you already know how to take it apart and put it back together successfully so this would just be another couple steps deeper. A good learning experience. I just asked because it would be a bit much for someone who never even took a gearbox apart, and for a first timer in a gearbox, could spell disaster.
  7. Lefse

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    I recommend going with a nylon or POM piston head to keep piston weight down, and get an SHS high torque instead of the Tienly, it's half the price and easily rivals the performance. I've used both Tienly and SHS motors myself, and Tienly was quite disappointing for the price.

    Regarding the bearings, either get high quality bearings (G&P, Modify Kanzen etc.), or use bushings. Installing a mosfet unit is a good idea, I also recommend installing a fuse of sorts, I use PTC resettable fuses myself. Without a mosfet the trigger switch can actually melt in a worst scenario, I've seen this happen with a dinky little Firefox 11.1V li-po that could barely put out 24 amps.