Upgrading and not wrecking a TSD L96

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    I have one and I'm tired of the inaccuracy. I've replaced the hop-up once after finding the bucking deformed from the arm that presses on it being broken out of the box. It does not have anything in the way of barrel spacers and the inner barrel itself does not seem to be anything special. Since it has the metal trigger box and we've painted it nicely to a subtle multicam appearance it seems worth trying to make it perform a little better. Just installing the TSD upgrade kit seems like a pseudo-upgrade to me or worse, a good way to break the trigger box after a while. Without going nuts, has anyone ever made this gun perform reasonably?
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    barrel spacers, cleaning the barrel and bucking, and shimming the hop up arm, these can all be done for free and will make a noticeable increase in accuracy

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    Did you replace the Hop with a stock unit?

    Essentially, you need to remove all the slop from the Hop up/barrel. Here's a quick run down of what to look for:

    The bucking nub centered in the barrel window and then the bucking locked down so it doesn't rotate on the barrel in the slightest. Do this with permatex/dental floss.

    Shim the Hop arm so there isn't any side to side play but not so much that it can't be adjusted (up and down movement).

    Make sure that the Hop doesn't rotate back and forth on the barrel at all when the lock down nut is on. If it does, you need to sand a half a millimeter or so off of the barrel end of the Hop. This should let you lock the Hop to the barrel.

    When putting the Hop on the barrel, make sure it is aligned perfectly so the hop arm presses down evenly. Once you have this alignment, tighten down the hop to the barrel.

    Make or buy barrel spacers and put these on the barrel. The more the merrier.

    Center the inner barrel in the outer barrel. Use the Hop up Hex screw to determine this. Once they are centered, put on the magazine catch and tighten it down so this alignment stays in place.

    Now put the barrel on the receiver and align the trigger and the magazine catch. Once they are aligned, tighten the outer barrel to the receiver.

    Now put the gun back together and test it out. It should be a lot more accurate if there was a lot of slop to begin with.
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    I will give your suggestions a try. Thanks.