Upgrading CYMA SVD with RS SVD parts

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    I got a CYMA SVD which is built after RS SVD:s prints. CYMA is as you know not the highest quality brand like RS so I am thinking of upgrading my CYMA SVD with spare parts from RS SVD, what do you think, and what parts should I change?

    My goal is to be able to hit a man size target at 100 meters (~330 feet).

    I haven't found much information on this for this specific rifle and since it uses very different from other rifles (the T3 gearbox) I would need help from more experienced techs. What I figure is that I should change the the whole hop-up and the air nozzle at least.

    (Economy: The prices I found aren't to high on RS SVD spare parts but some of them are hard to find which can be a problem.

    I have already changed the barrel(ULTIMATE, 6.03), Guarder spring(140), the hop-up rubber (G&G) and batteries. I will make own modifications to give it a 100% air seal, stabilize the barrel, modify the hop-up, shim it, polish, regrease, fix AOE, fix sorbo pads or something like it and maybe make an other modifacation to the piston head to slow it down when it come close to the cylinder head. I will probably get a new motor as well.

    Johan S