Upgrading KWA KM4 2gx RIS advice

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    Hi, I plan on in the future to upgrade my KWA KM4 2gx RIS airsoft gun in the future and I have a list of upgrades I plan on doing and I'm wanting to make sure they will work and be effective. First off I'll be going through airsoft gi and I'll be getting the Field Durability package which includes: M120 spring, Metal Bushings, Aluminum Piston Head, POM / Poly-carb. Piston, Aluminum Cylinder head, Ball, Bearing Spring Guide, Standard Ratio Gears and Shims. Secondly, I'll be getting the Precision Upgrade that puts in a 6.03mm barrel and third, a R-hop upgrade, I was wondering if these upgrades will greatly increase the performance of my gun without worrying about damaging the gun itself, thanks all replies are appreciated. Btw, my goal is to increase accuracy and range
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    I have worked on many KWA guns over the years. Quite honestly, you don't need all those parts to get it properly upgraded. If I were you, I would upgrade the piston, piston head and main spring. Those items will give you a significant performance boost. Replace the piston with an SHS 15t steel rack piston, the piston head with a super shooter ported piston head and the main spring with with a Guarder SP110 Spring. That should get your gun hitting in the 380-400 fps range. I would also definitely properly shim and grease the gears. I would not replace the gears, cylinder head or spring guide. With respect to replacing the barrel, it is hit or miss. KWA barrels are made in Japan. They are spec'd as 6.05 +/- .02. If you are lucky, your stock barrel may be a 6.03.

    One thing I would definitely do is to replace the 2gx bucking with a PDI W-Hold bucking. Your range and accuracy should increase. The PDI bucking also will not wear out as quickly as the stock bucking.