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    So I got the g&g gr15 raider xl. Fps 303........... Need to get that up to 399fps...... And i dont know what kind of spring to get and if I should get a high tork motor (I'm sorry my iPod can't correct it to the right work and like the only word I can't spell) and a new Pollycarb piston with metal teeth, and spring guid with barring. Plus I want it to really get bbs out there so I'm thinkin tbb with a mock suppresser any ideas?
  2. xXTacoMcFacoXx

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    M110 spring should put you around 400 fps if you have decent compression. If you want range it would be more beneficial to upgrade your hop-up. Also check the stickies in the "gun building and modifications" section of the forum. They should cover plenty of your questions.

  3. Lefse

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    400fps is roughly 120m/s, so an M110 spring will most likely not give you 400 fps. An M120 spring should get you up to 400fps with decent compression. An Element high torque motor get the job done nicely, or a Lonex A1 or A2 if you don't mind spending a bit more, the A1 will give a slightly higher rof than the A2 and Element motor. A Lonex piston will easily handle an M120 spring, get a Lonex POM piston head for it while you're at it, they are excellent piston heads. You should also do the usual reliability mods, including correcting AOE, and gluing the bushings in place. You may also want to consider "swisscheesing" the Lonex piston, they are quite heavy.
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    It's not that hard to get ~400 fps on a m110.
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    Not if you have a mislabled spring. An M110 should not shoot 400fps. I've had M100s shoot that hot, does that mean I'm a wizard? No, it means the spring was mislabled. Same goes for M110s vs M120s. An M110 should be around 360, and an M120 should be around 400.
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    Santa Barbara

    Finally someone else is arguing this as well. I don't understand how people can't grasp this concept.
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    QC on springs are horrible. not really mislabeled, the process is just not that precise and they turn out different rates from the same batch. i doubt that they test each spring after manufacturing. it's not the same as microprocessors where the faster ones are separated from the slower ones and labeled accordingly.

    then again, rumor has it that there are some counterfeits mixed in with the group.

    i test all my springs, label them and put them in storage.
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    It's definitely possible to bang out 390-400fps with an M110, but that's with a high compression cylinder set-up and tight bore barrel. By no means am I saying you can just drop in an M110 and your gun will be at the 400fps mark, I'm just saying it's possible.
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    I've had M160s do 450fps, M100s do 400fps, and 700fps on an M170. Your argument is invalid. Springs are mislabled and poorly made. A|ex makes a good point, there is no exact science when you're making these springs. Best bet is to always buy heavy and SS down to the fps you want with the gun.

    Because most people don't want to do that, they just buy M120s and hope for the best.
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    Haha what argument? I'm not arguing with anyone, all I said was it's possible. Now if I were to say that I've done this with multiple M110 springs, which I have because they do less harm to your gearbox, that would be an argument. Also that's exactly what springs are, an exact science. Now just because that's true, it doesn't mean companies always make them right, which is why I always stick to the better, more sought after brands such as Systema, Prometheus and Guarder. IMO I've gotten the most consistent readings with these three companies more so than anyone else.
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    On my stock gun, an m100 gave me 320-330. After the TBB, metal hop up chamber, better bucking, better cylinder head, piston+piston head and bearing spring guide, i got 380-390 from it. That'd from several different manufacturers with a few inevitable deviations. Also, after increasing my ROF to just over 27 the piston pre engages with that spring until I made the obvious adjustments. It was a Modify, they do tend to shoot hotter. So I say it'd be a m110 at the most. Still that's achieving almost an m120 level performance.
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