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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Matt_USAF, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Matt_USAF

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    Ok so today my dad is having me pick out a gun that is under 150 today (for an intermediate player) and my two choices are the umarex h&k ump - or the we SMG 8. I will be playing outside with my friends in the woods so it has to have a decent fps. I'm open to other suggestions so so ask away!
    Thanks in advance Matt
  2. Jeranhound

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    Neither is really a great choice. The SMG8 doesn't have great build quality, especially in the stock assembly, and the UMP issues if you want to use hicaps.

    If you want to use midcaps, the UMP is a fine choice. I consider it the most comfortable AEG I've held. Though that was an old DE one.

    A suggestion, if you want the kind of ergonomics of the UMP at the same price, get the G36. Doesn't have the same problem with the hicaps as the UMP, has the same irons, feels the same in hand, it's just a bit bigger.

  3. gunnerk19

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    Nothing to add to the gun question, just want to give a :cool: to the CAP thing.

    Former C/CPT and CWO SM, 1979-1983. :D
  4. Zrbrown17

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    Well for one you are kind of looking at two indoor CQB guns. An the WE SMG-8 is a gas gun. So you would have to purchase a lot of mags at 25 each mag. They only hold 40 bullets, run thru that quick. Green gas is expensive as well, so it's going to get way over 150 to use that. I would recommend an m4 or an ak something good for our doors with a long barrel an defiantly an AEG for your first gun! Just my opinion tho some other guys will help you out as well, you came to the right place.
    Good luck, hope you enjoy the sport!
  5. Deathnote_Airsoft

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    I'm with Zrbrown17, definitely look for an aeg in that price range, the ump you mentioned is not that great. there are a ton of aegs in that price range that perform much better than those two. g&g cm16 is really nice, it's $150, but you'd have to buy a battery and charger. they have the regular length and the shortened barrel, up to personal preference, have fun mate and may your enemies call their hits