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    Hey guys I'm considering getting a used Kwa MAC-11 NS1 for $75 shipped with 2 mags. So there's not a lot of infromation on this gun so I was wondering 1. What is the ROF 2.What kind of range does it have? 3. How does the gas effieciency compare to the NS2 version?. and 4. How solidly built is it and can I expect it to last a long time? And do you guys think that this is a deal that I should take? Or should I save up and buy the NS2 version? I would really appreciate if you guys could answer quickly because I want to give this guy an answer by tonight.
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    I wouldn't get a used gun I've never got to see or shoot before just save up and get a ns2 u will b a lot happier with it

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    $75 for a functioning KWA NS1 MAC-11 with two non-leaking mags is a pretty good deal, IMHO.

    In answer to your questions:

    1: Crazy Fast. Not sure on the exact numbers but it's probably 24+ RPS

    2: In stock configuration, I wouldn't push it past 75-100'. These things weren't made for accuracy. They were made to put a lot of rounds down range in a hot hurry.

    3: NS1 is nowhere near as efficient as NS2. You will likely have enough gas for one full mag of BBs, but that's about it.

    4:You can expect a KWA to last a long time with proper care, maintenance, and use. Not knowing the history of this particular piece would be a concern for me.

    As for whether you should take it or not, you need to consider the following:

    KWA no longer supports NS1 designs for parts or service.
    The only way you will find parts is to buy another used NS1 gun.
    NS1 magazines are becoming harder and harder to find.
    As such, the resale value will continue to diminish with the old NS1 designs until supply reaches a critical point where the rarity of an NS1 will drive the price back up for a collector needing a donor parts gun or such. This could take many years, if it happens at all...
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    That you for your help sparky I will take those things into consideration. And somebody told me that you can use hfc Mac-11 mags in the old Kwa M11s, does anybody know if this is true?
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    Don't quote me on this but I've heard that as well. Seems plausible, as IIRC the HFC is a KWA clone.