V.3 motor cages

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  1. blekk

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    Hi all

    New player here. Just wondering what the difference is between the ak and g36 cages are? Why 2 different styles (half and full cage)?

    I've done a bit of a search but couldn't find anything so hopefully I'll get some closure on it.

  2. aotsukisho

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    I don't know for certain but it's probably due to the angle/placement of the grip relative to the gearbox itself. The MP5K uses a v3 without a motor cage
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  3. Lefse

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    It's exactly as aotsukisho describes, AK and G36's have different grips so the size and angle of the motor cage has to be different. AUG motor cages have a kinda wonky design to be able to fit inside the body and this can actually cause issues when using high RPM motors since the ARL can make contact with the pinion gear.
  4. kazuchan

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    on earth
    it's have special motor mount install before put the motor inside. SO basicly it don't have motor cage :D