V2 gearbox compatibility question

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  1. Importal

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    I'm planning to mod a jg and I was wondering if there would be any compatibility issue with these parts:
    ZCI: cylinder, piston head, nozzle, cylinder head, spring guide, high torque motor
    Shs: piston, bushing, tapper plate, spring
    Lonex: bucking and shims
    I would also use a prommy barrel with r hop kit from clandestine.

    All the other parts would be from the stock jg m4 enhaced

    I'm still wondering if i should go with a lonex or zci hop up chamber.
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  2. P4INC

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    I've heard good things about WinHop chambers (I believe that is what they are called) as long as everything is for a V2 gearbox I wouldn't think that there would be any compatibility issues, you can check my thread on JG M4 mods for more info

  3. Falco

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    There should be no compatibility issues. If so they would most likely be very easy to mod as long as you have a dremel or file/sand paper.

    A couple comments on your parts list.

    Unless you are changing barrel lengths the stock cylinder will be fine. I'd stay away from ZCI piston heads. They don't seal with anything except ZCI cylinders. SHS aluminum piston heads are excellent (SHS POM piston heads are also good). Also 9/10 the stock cylinder head is fine. Just use some Teflon tape and you can almost always get a perfect seal. I've only had one gun that didn't seal perfectly with Teflon and that was my combat machine.

    If your JG is full metal it will have a metal hop up. If so don't worry about replacing it. If, however your gun is a plastic model (two piece) you won't be able to replace it until you change receivers. Definitely go with Lonex if you decide to "upgrade" your hop up.

    Otherwise your list looks good.
  4. Importal

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    I'm also modding some parts for the fun of it why the full ZCI compression. Should I go with a DBOY if I chose the full metal vs jg since I plan to change 90% of the internals?
  5. drdave88

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    I just finished building a JG gearbox and used a lot of SHS parts. I had to dremel the slides for the piston, it kept pinching when I'd screw the gearbox together.