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  1. RaisinCrunch

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    I have a we aeg that uses a vfc style switch where the selector switch does not have contacts now I bought a lone shell that cones with a proprietary selector with contacts will my we switch work or will I need a new one?
  2. Cole631

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    You should be fine. I think its only an issue if you have the type of trigger switch where the selector plate needs contacts and you use them with a selector plate that has no contacts. I'm almost positive it will work because I took the switch out of my vfc and put it in another gun that works fine now

  3. Archer627

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    I'm confused by your post, mate. In a Lonex(is that what you were referring to as "lone shell"?) gearbox, the tappet is proprietary. The selector plate is not proprietary. If contacts are on the selector, that means they have to be there. I'm assuming you bought the full gearbox. If your WE is of VFC design, it will not work. You will need to use the VFC trigger mech instead if you want to use the same selector plate.

    The reason is if you use the WE (of VFC design so it doesn't have the contacts on it) it will not complete the circuit. Hope I didn't confuse you. Lol.
  4. RaisinCrunch

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    Thanks I was under the impression both selector and tappet were proprietary