V3 gearbox trigger contact screw pls help

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  1. codename-doughboy

    codename-doughboy New Member

    Ok in a v3 gearbox in the trigger mechanism there is a small whole that a screw is supposed to go into i need to know what size screw is needed please its important
  2. MNairsoft7

    MNairsoft7 New Member

    You could always order new trigger contacts. They're usually under $5.00. I don't know the screw size off hand though.

  3. codename-doughboy

    codename-doughboy New Member

    My trigger contacts work just fine and are in optimal condition their is just a very little screw that fits inside the trigger contact guide that goes through the outside and ends up right in front of the select fire piece.
  4. Zaryk

    Zaryk Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I think what they are trying to say is that it may be easier to acquire the screw you need if you just buy new contacts which comes with the screw, rather than trying to track one down as small screws are not the easiest to find at the local hardware store. On the plus side you would also have some back up trigger contacts in case yours go bad.
  5. Airsoft444

    Airsoft444 Mad Scientist Supporting Member

    Which screw? To my knowledge there are 2 right?

    I lost one of mine so I just took apart a random old object (it was a remote that didn't work or something like that) and I found a screw that worked. Might need to cut down the length of the screw but try it.

    If that doesn't work you could A) buy a small pack of generic screws
    B) Buy a whole new trigger contact set.