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  1. vinnie

    vinnie New Member

    Have a lot of things like mags batteries etc. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a vest but I'm only 10. So it has to be a 1 size fits all type of thing I'd appreciate any help.
  2. Kevin_Poon

    Kevin_Poon New Member

    Hong Kong
    Hi:) There are quite a lot of vest that fits all size out there. I would like to recommend flyye rrv vest, I think it suits for all size and you can also put quite a lot of pouch on it.
    p.s. Dont spend too much on airsoft:p you still have a lot to go.^^

  3. Knief

    Knief Moderator Moderator

    Ann Arbor
    Sorry, Vinnie, COPPA dictates that you must be at least 13 years old to access this site. Please return in three years if you woukd like.
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